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"Children for Peace"




"Apocalypse Painter"

I took this picture of an artist who was painting in a black robe this weekend. You can see the easel, his bag and paints around his feet. The background is a cloudy sky and moon. I used curves in Photoshop to give it a surreal impression. "As the painting on the canvas unfolds, the sky and world is being transformed by the painting".



"The Painter "



"Soap Bubbles in the Air"






"New Card"









May 20, 2007

Seemed like I waited forever for this shot. I arrived at the lighthouse early afternoon and saw that the atmospheric conditions were favorable for a spectacular sunset. I used my large format camera and it can be a little unwieldly so it took a bit of doing to get it set up down near the water line by the rocks and boulders.

Sure enough, after many hours of waiting the sky turned a beautiful crimson color. Hmm..........Crimson Sky..........sounds like a good name for something. I think I heard it somewhere..... a movie or a book? Anyways, it's got a ring to it. Maybe I should name the picture "Crimson Sky" instead of "Lighthouse".

Lighthouse sounds pretty mundane..........




"Sand & Light"

May 20, 2007

I showed this picture to someone yesterday and they really liked it.

Said it was one of my best images and explained what it meant in a meta physical sense...........Hmm......I'm not so sure.







"The wave"

May 18, 2007

I have to believe that Northampton must have the most street musicians per square foot than any other place I've visited.

As I was taking the picture she noticed me taking the shot and waved. Sometimes you never know how people react to their picture being taken. I believe being very straitforward, acting deliberate and confident usually works well. If you act confident and natural, people don't seem to mind you taking their picture. A simple nod and a smile after taking the picture usually works pretty well. Of course it doesn't always work out that way. I remember taking some pictures in downtown Springfield of some guys on the street and one of the guys seemed taken back and started to say something to his posse. It didn't sound too friendly..............they started to come over to me. Oh boy, I said to myself, the guy had a hostile look on his face but when he came closer, I just nodded and gave him the thumbs up and he seemed OK afterwards. Most of the time, if I see an image or a picture in my mind, I'll shoot and worry about the consequences after taking the shot.





May 18, 2007

I took his picture as I was walking by and then looked down to see the papers next to him. I stopped to read them and saw they were his writings. It was very good, combination of poetry and his philosophy. He was heading across country on foot to Portland Oregon. His words spoke about his fears and view of Life. I remembered one passage, " Please Lord protect me in my journey" and oftentimes his fear of meeting his fellow man on the road. His faith gave him the strength to make the journey. We chatted for a while and I learned he was from Maine and recently went through some personal bad times. He was headed west to visit his family. I wished him luck on his 3,000 mile trip. It must take a tremendous amount of courage to make such a journey.








May 12, 2007







"Lady in Green Hat"

May 06, 2007









May 05, 2007






May 2, 2007

After work walking downtown Springfield, from a bridge looking down into a gravel parking lot.