I've received many inquiries as to why I wasn't posting much new stuff in the Recent Images section. It wasn't due to not pursuing photography. Quite to the contrary. The simple matter was that I recently moved and the ordeal of the move, getting my darkroom going (both the real and digital darkrooms) , and problems with the internet access, computer problems, hard drive failure etc, created a standstill in updating the web. Anyway's I'm back to updating and posting my most recent work. Also as you can see I've started a new section "Most Recent Images"......."Recent Images" was just getting too big and unmanageable. So here is the Most Most Recent Work.





"The Way"

January 22, 2007

In the Springfield Cemetery is this statue. She is positioned in front of a stone portal, as if she is showing your spirit to eternity. Anyway's, those were my feelings as I was composing this image. I used the lens wide open (f/2.8) to obtain a shallow depth of field, focused on the hand and rose which threw the further depth slightly out of focus.





"Promenade Walk"

I saw this couple most elegantly dressed, The man in his three piece suit, overcoat and bowler hat. She in her fur coat and hat. Right out of the 1920s, Just as if they were strolling on the deck of the Titanic holding hands.








For some reason I thought of Vlad the impaler of Romania, (or was it Transylvania? ), when I saw this statue in the early morning.





"Stairway to ????"

January 2007






"Winter Road"



"Tree in Field"




January 14, 2007

Wandering around in the Catskill mountains. Came across this abandoned truck in a field.






"Child, Sax Player, Tunnel"

I saw the sax player at the end of this tunnel and noticed all the crosses imbedded in the ceiling and thought a possible image in my mind. After exposing a few frames with just the sax player. I was visualizing something stronger and I waited at the other end of the tunnel for some time. A number of people walked through but nothing seemed to work. Then suddenly this child ran by me into the tunnel dressed in this court jester outfit. I heard the father behind me telling her to slow down but she raced ahead anyway's. I snapped the picture just as she was exiting the tunnel and felt that was the decisive moment. I don't know why but I was thinking of the Pied Piper of Hamlet.


The imbedded crosses reminded me of a book I read a long time ago called "The Keep". A book set in WWII timeline in Romania. In the book a castle or as they called it in Romania a Keep was built in the 14th century at a mountain pass. The Keep had crosses imbedded every square meter into the stonework of the castle walls. It was a great book of mystery and the supernatural.






"Stone Rose"

January 2007

I recently bought a CD by the Stone Roses ( a great band, you got to check it out), and just happen to see this headstone and thought it might make an interesting picture.






"Moon Stone"








"Please Bus Your Table"









January 3, 2007

Downtown Springfield Early weekend morning. Not to many people out and about. Then I see this guy walking past the civic center doing a combination walk and some Rap dance. He was really into some music in his head as he was walking on by.






"Lights and Clouds"

December 2007

Early morning downtown Springfield. I woke up early and decided to walk around by the court house in Springfield before heading to work.

The sunrise and clouds were spectacular and I captured this picture on the steps behind one of the state buildings.









November, 2006

Early morning walk, it was eerily foggy in the cemetery. I was the only one there and it was so quiet, only sound my steps on the crispy leaves underfoot.

My visualization saw it with a dark ground, probably zone 2 to3 with tonal change to zone 8 or 9 for the upper spectrum of the fog.. I know cemetery pictures probably are not what one would normally hang on a wall but this picture pleases me a great deal.







"Arms & Bag"

November, 2006

Woman riding a subway. I thought her arms folded across her Prada bag created an interesting composition.







"Painted Wall"

December 2006







November, 2006








" Sky and Tree"







"Catskill Clouds"