" Archive Winter 2007"




Photo taken earlier this year



"Lupin Bay"



















"In the Woods"






"By the Sea"





December 8, 2007



"Winter Storm"





December 5, 2007









December 3, 2007


"Bucket and Ice Trees"








December 2, 2007



"Man in Doorway"








"In the Bucket"








In the Studio portrait.








November 26, 2007



"White Diamond"








November 17, 2007


"Train Station"









November 3, 2007


"Coal Plant"








October 24, 2007


"On the Canal Walkway"

Walking down the park late at night by the Canal in Holyoke.






October 23, 2007




Taking a break from the studio this afternoon I took a long walk behind the old mill building where Arges studio to get away from the shoot for a bit. It was hot in the studio, mostly humid I guess and for some reason I had on my old black sweater. I don’t know what I was thinking this morning when I put that old thing on. I was a little frustrated in trying to shoot some flowers for a client and the lighting and shadows were not just coming together as I had wished.

So I figured I would take a walk and do a little exploring and found these tracks and started to follow them. Eventually I came to this scene and of course I had my camera……..funny, I always seem to have my camera, even when I’m on abreak from shooting! Oh well.

I like this photograph. It reminds me of an old film, a movie I vaguely remember from when I was in Korea as a kid. As I recall, a friend and I snuck into an old movie theatre in Seoul and they were playing an old Black and White film called the “Train” with Burt Lancaster. The movie was about a train depot  manager, who during WWII, was in the French resistance against the Germans and he was trying to sabotage a train leaving France with a priceless cargo of French paintings……headed to Germany. Many of his colleauges were executed by the  Germans as they conspired to somehow stop this train. In the end, Lancaster, finally, by himself, derails the train, while a squad of SS storm troopers are on his trail…

I remember more about that one film than most of anything else about Korea. Not sure why. I think It was the only movie I ever saw there.

Anyways, this scene and the photograph I made, reminded me so much of that old Movie, I half expected Burt Lancaster to appear from the horizon, chased by the German SS…..






October 20, 2007




Walking in the Cemetary behind my house early morning as the fog was just breaking.

One of my favorite statues and tree on the grounds.

This statue in the cemetary always facinates me.

The leaves are just starting to turn here.

I'm glad I had my tripod and the Hasselblad. Just finished up the roll of Velvia 50.





October 18, 2007



"Building and Clouds"









“Give Me a  Break Buddy”

I shot this ohhh   somewhere probably by the 28th st and 5th Ave,  in the big City.

I think NY City cops are pretty cool.





October 12, 2007



"Corn Stalks"

Driving up old Rte 5 north of White River Junction, VT, this past weekend,  the weather started to deteriorate and to my right noticed the clouds building to unleash it’s rain over the corn fields.

I stopped to study for a potential shot and wished I had a ladder to get a more elevated perspective but alas, not to be.

The corn stalks seemed so fragile and already seemed dead ……but yet still silvery in the beautiful light created by the strange colored clouds.

The winds were picking up and the stalks started to dance……





October 11, 2007

"Turning Back"

The other day, returning from a project site, driving down  rte 391, I looked to my left and saw a potential for a photograph down by the canals and factory buildings. There were some workers  demolishing an old mill building and something caught my eye…….

I was on a highway and it would have been time consuming to get off and find my way through the city. It was already a long day….and I debated…..but I remembered about a photographer, Dorothea Lange, many decades ago, who I recalled had something to say about her most famous photograph “Migrant Mother”. 

It made me get off and to go find that ”image” I saw through the corner of my eye.

Below I recount making of Lange’s famous photograph. 


Dorothea Lange  was an influential American documentary photographerr and photojournalist, best known for her Depressionn-era work for the Farm Security Administrationn (FSA). Lange’s photographs humanized the tragic consequences of the Great Depression and profoundly influenced the development of documentary photography, here in the United States and perhaps the world.

Lange’s most well-known picture is titled “Migrant Mother”.

 Dorothea’s picture of Florence, “Migrant Mother”, is among the most famous photographs of American history. The iconic image — snapped in March 1936 at the Pea-Pickers Camp in Nipomo — captured the heart of the public, moved a nation, got reproduced thousands of times and now hangs in the U.S. Library of Congress.


Here is the situation in Dorothea Lange’s words, as quoted in Dorothea Lange: A Photographer’s Life by Milton Meltzer:


It was raining, the camera bags were packed, and I had on the seat beside me in the car the results of my long trip, the box containing all those rolls and packs of exposed film ready to mail back to Washington. It was a time of relief. Sixty-five miles an hour for seven hours would get me home to my family that night, and my eyes were glued to the wet and gleaming highway that stretched out ahead. I felt freed, for I could lift my mind off my job and think of home.

I was on my way and barely saw a crude sign with pointing arrow which flashed by at the side of the road, saying PEA-PICKERS CAMP. But out of the corner of my eye I did see it.

I didn’t want to stop, and didn’t. I didn’t want to remember that I had seen it, so I drove on and ignored the summons. Then, accompanying the rhythmic hum of the windshield wipers, arose an inner argument.

Dorothea, how about that camp back there? What is the situation back there?

Are you going back?

Nobody could ask this of you, now could they?

To turn back certainly is not necessary. Haven’t you plenty of negatives already on this subject? Isn’t this just one more of the same? Besides, if you take a camera out in this rain, you’re just asking for trouble. Now be reasonable, etc., etc., etc.

Having well convinced myself for 20 miles that I could continue on, I did the opposite. Almost without realizing what I was doing I made a U-turn on the empty highway. I went back those 20 miles and turned off the highway at that sign, PEA-PICKERS CAMP.

I was following my instinct, not reason; I drove into that wet and soggy camp and parked my car like a homing pigeon.

I saw and approached the hungry and desperate mother, as if drawn by a magnet. I do not remember how I explained my presence to her, but I do remember she asked me no questions. I made five exposures, working closer and closer from the same direction. I did not ask her name or her history, She told me her age, that she was 32. She said that they had been living on frozen vegetables from the surrounding fields, and birds that the children killed. She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food. There she sat in that lean-to tent with her children huddled around her, and seemed to know that my pictures might help her, and so she helped me. There was a sort of equality about it.

The pea crops at Nipomo had frozen and there was no work for anybody. But I did not approach the tents and shelters of other stranded pea-pickers. It was not necessary; I knew I had recorded the essence of my assignment….


I’ve always been inspired by this photograph and the circumstances of it’s making.

It seems so serendipitious and speaks of fortunes of chance. This has always encouraged me to go the extra distance, invest the time, and to be always passionate in my pursuit of photography….





October 14, 2007


"In thought by the water"


"Through the Window"









"Eye of the Storm"


















"Shoe on Wire"







"At the Coffee Shop"

Sunday morning, at my favorite coffee shop, the Haymarket, in Northampton.

It’s a very bohemian kind of place where you can kick back, drink the best coffee, and usually strike up an interesting conversation with the most eclectic group of people ever assembled on earth……….from musicians, scientists, philosophers, activists, students, ……….to the homeless. Right here.

After shooting this shot and getting my coffee, I go downstairs where theres more room and a girl with pink hair and draconian outfit, and the leather boots asks me:

“You’re a photographer”?

“Yes, I am”

“What do you shoot?, I’ve seen you around here before, always with a camera”

“Well, other then for commercia workl, anything that moves me in some way”

“Wow, that’s cool”, “what’s the last thing you shot”

“Actually the room upstairs (we were in the basement where there are lots of tables, sofas, and easy chairs), here it is” I show her the pic on the LCD display.

“That’s upstairs? Looks different in your camera”

“That’s the magic of Photography, photography is all about how things  LOOK photographed vs. what they are”

“Really? I never thought of it that way before”

“What do you do”?

“Oh I write, and help my uncle”

“Oh, what does your uncle to”?

“He creates and builds violins”

“Really?, violins”

“Yeh, he makes custom ones and he restores really old ones, like Stradivarius, I think he has one in his shop now”

“What do you do”?

“Oh, I help shape the wood, carving, sanding…..I love working with the wood…and..what gets created. It’s very satisfyin”

“You also write”?

“Yeah, mostly poems and shortstories”

“That’s cool, I write some too, mostly Haiku’s”

“Really, I love Haiku’s, they’re so………short”

I start laughing :Yeah, that’s why I write them……..anything longer gives me a headache”

(we both laugh).

“Hey, do you think your uncle will let me shoot some pictures of him and you and your shop? I’ll love the opportunity”

“I’ll ask him, he’s usually reclusive, but you never know….he likes artists”

I give her a card “well you guys can check out my work…here’s a card with the website”

“Cool, I’ll check it out………..and probably see you around here”

“Yeah, I'm usually around here"







September 30, 2007


"At the Carnival"

I saw this carnival worker, walking on a treadmill,  looking at me as I walked by……..and of course I had to take his picture




"Chinese Dancers"









These Dancers and Drummers from China were fantastic.

Some photographs from going to the local fair earlier this evening.

It was fun just wandering around, seeing the sights and sounds, and of course eating all that delicious food!







"Man in Steel"



Passing Traveler

Stopping in the Folding World

Hark, To Proclaim

Fulfill, Measure of Your Span

Follow Me, to Promised Land



Photograph made this morning, of a bronze low relief sculpture I found in my walk.

I was fortunate to capture the photograph as the low angle of the rising sun greeted it’s surface, to which seemingly made the work come alive……..

I couldn’t sleep very well tonight…….thinking about the picture, ……so rose and wrote the Haiku to remember by………




"Boy with Mexican Hat"







"Graffitti Walk"


Photograph made in New York City.

 You know, there are some really talented artists out there who create beautiful wall art for everyone to see and enjoy.

What a venue……and definition of  true underground art…..














I walk slowly down the big  empty stretch of beach.  It is late afternoon, somehere in the remote western shores of NewFoundland. A day in my journey to better understand and see this magnificiant country. It is a lonely land where people are usually few and far between and many miles I travel before I see signs of human life.

I had pulled into this lonely desolate place as the sun was beginning to sink lower into the western hemisphere, the magic hours before twilight. I parked my bike, took my camera and tripod and just………..started to walk. It felt strange, just being alone, walking on sand, so beautiful and clean, no one I could see, and  as far as I could see.  I can see a great distance in this area, where the land meets the sea.

I continue to walk…………………….and there, ……….is that a man up ahead in the distance?

Slowly I approch and I see him standing there, as if deep in thought, just staring at this bird, near the water, ……………the bird just sitting…..


Hmm, interesting sight, and before I say a word, I take this picture you see before you.

It seemed so incongrous, finding this man, well dressed with a drink in hand, standing there, overlooking this bird, which appeared to be…….so still…………………….in the middle of nowhere, and as I believed so far from civilization.

We talk and he tells me he just arrived from the other direction and saw this bird  sitting there, so still. I get close to the bird and he just looks at me with these beautiful eyes, his featheres ruffled by the wind. He is so still, and does not (or cannot) move.

We both agree it’s probably a sea bird, a Garnet perhaps. They have a much more beautiful head compared to a sea gull.

We wonder if he is injured or ill but we do not want to disturb him. We say our pleasantries and I find out  he is camping near by at a campground and he was just walking the beach, much like myself.

We part company, he in one direction, I in the other.

After some time, I turn around, as it is  getting near dark and wanted to get back to my bike before too long even though I have a flashlight. I still need to find the campground the young man told me about and I still need to set up camp.


As I return to this spot…………………………….I see the Garnet has passed away.


"Death of a Gannet"


He must have injured himself, perhaps diving and perhaps had broken his back………….

A deep sadness comes over me and I  just felt so bad….seeing this bird, so beautiful and now just an empty body. I had just seen life in this bird and marveled at it’s composure and it’s sense of meloncholy sadness.  A beautiful life form now empty and gone.

I didn’t want to leave him there, in that position to be swept out to sea so found a big clam shell and dug him a grave and placed him far up the beach from the ocean. I stood there for a moment or two as the darkness fell around me………….







"Man walking toward Sun"











August 2007


"Boy on a Ship"






"The Path "


Dawn…Awakens Me

Light from Kingdom of Heaven

Distant Path Unveiled

InSpirits My Weary Heart

Will You Still Be Waiting There?


A picture from my journey past and a Haiku to remember by….






September 2, 2007





September 1, 2007




Around the bend in the road I ride and take great pleasure in my precision, and responsiveness of my mount.

Up ahead in the far wide horizon, I see a fleeting image, which speaks to me, perhaps unconsciously but I have already swept past, perhaps to absorbed in the simple pleasure of riding in this glorious morning.

I stop, turn around to ride back and stop at a pullout. I turn to look back at the promintory which fleetingly had captured my eye moments earlier.

The grass is waving in the wind dappled and surrounded by the impossibly brilliant yellow carpet of flowers.

I pull off my helmet and study my surroundings and take in the fragrance of the sea mingled with that of flowers.

Bees are everywhere and I think to myself “the sky is sunny, bees make honey, Life is funny”.

It’s a perfect place and I have not seen a soul in the last two hours.

I study the scene and I see limitless opportunities for a photograph. Do I include the flowers in the foreground, perhaps that rolling hill of to my left, where to position the tripod, ………….hmmm.

I want to make a powerful but simple photograph.

I see a farmhouse set on the promintory which seems impossibly far off. The interplay of light and clouds is mesmorizing and I need to capture a cinemagraphic style of an image. I try different compositions and not happy with any foreground elements. They distract from the scene where the promintory, the farmhouse, sea and clouds all meet together bathed in this beautiful light.

I try different lens for the image that I see in my mind, not too tight but cannot be too expansive…….there, I think that is it. Flip up mirror, it is windy and cannot have any vibrations,including from my camera ……….click, the shutter trips, and I hope I’ve captured what was in my mind. I shoot only once, for some reason confident I captured the moment………..






"Hillside, Clouds, and Fence"


Wild Desolation

He Travels Uncharted Path

Shadows of Twilight

Ere Long be Over the Land

The Traveler is Soon Gone


A Haiku to remember by……







Freedom is the possibility for Capaciousness……..of endless possibilities.

 It is having a wide horizon, forever deep inside you, that leaves all prospects open.

Anything may occur in freedom, both the positive and the negative.

What will occur, though, is always new and fresh. 

 It will be surprising and therefore exhilarating.

 In freedom you never know what is going to happen.

 For the daring person this is what makes freedom so attractive

Life is always new when you are free.

As sailing on an endless sea……..

For some, living in freedom is  scary.

How can one have  uncertainty…….

It must be eliminated…….


A photograph I made this morning……….











August 3, 2007



To See Ones Future

But This Joy Is Not To Be

Doomed by Crimson Sky




A picture I took in Zion earlier this year, It was twilight, the time.

By the banks of the river,

A long exposure to expose for the fleeting evanescent light

 And to create the river of silver……





August 2, 2007



Early morning, a surreal landscape under the moon.

I tried using  infra red film and this was the result.

It’s really difficult to visualize what to anticipate but I thought this composition would at least be interesting.

Infrared light lies between the visible light spectrum and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, so the infrared film “sees” differently than our eyes do.

Here is the result.

I was lucky there was almost a full moon out.